Trust and security

Every home sharing trip inside the premium network is insured

Home exchange is based on the principal of mutual respect: You respect my home and I respect yours. A strong link develops between family partners, who treat each other's homes with the same care as they treat their own. The result is that home exchange inside the network is very secure, and problems are extremely rare.

We want to make sure that you leave your worries behind and enjoy your trip to the fullest, that's why we provide a Home Insurance to cover every home exchange you do through Knok. This insurance is included in your premium Knok membership, provided you confirm your home share agreement via Knok.

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Suggestions for a safe home sharing experience

Every trip is a new experience and we want you to have the very best home exchange experiences while maintaining your online privacy, that's why with our internal messaging system you wont have to share your email address to potential contacts unless you want to.

Knok also offers suggestions on getting to know other home exchange families, and how to prepare your home for your trip.