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Spain Tips for living like a local

Spain is one of the most attractive destinations for families to visit. The climate is exceptional, the food is delicious, the lifestyle is based on the concept of enjoying life, there is history, art and culture, what more can one ask for while visiting a country with your children?

The cities in Spain are all unique and special in their own way. Cities like Santiago de Compostela attract those people who are religious, cities like Barcelona attract those who appreciate a perfect fusion of art, culture and a splendid atmosphere, Granada attracts those who wish to see the real Spanish way of life and the beautiful Alhambra. And what would a visit to Spain be without savoring the delicious cheeses, hams, wines, coffees, turrones, tapas… the list is never ending! If you truly want to experience a unique family vacation filled with lots of food, culture and a wonderful lifestyle, you cannot miss out on a home stay in Spain; we're sure that after you visit the country once, you'll definitely be planning your next trip back!

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