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From families, for families

We are both from Spain, but we met in Prague, dated in Milano, traveled to Vietnam, Australia, Venezuela, and now we have two children. Having children changes everything, especially the way we all travel. We created the Knok Travel Network for those of us who want meaningful and unique travel experiences for ourselves and our children.

With Knok, we are connected to thousands of like-minded families, and we let each other stay at our beautiful homes when we're not there.

Each family helps create a family-friendly guide that's unique to their home's location, thus sharing their favorite local activities and destinations that children love. We are automatically connected to trusted local baby sitters if we want some grown-up time. We are automatically connected to excellent cooks and cleaners in the local area. We are automatically connected to tour guides who specialize in tours for our children's age groups. Most homes are filled with toys and other entertainment and equipment for children.

When you have a home ready for your family in every city around the world, travel becomes a way of life--a new and better way for you and your family to experience the world. Travel is a critical part of our children's education. We should inspire our children to explore the world they live in; help them discover new places, new cultures, new people; dig deeper into the places we are visiting; live as the locals live; try awesome food; and learn surprising things along the way! Knok helps us each live the delicious lives we want to live and give that to our children.

We've recently completed our 23rd trip, and the memories keep growing. From our first stay in a Soho studio in New York, to the huge loft in Chelsea. The time when a French family from Bordeaux suggested we eat what they left in their refrigerator and we ate duck and foie gras for a week straight. Or the Summer we stayed in a brightly colored San Francisco townhouse, playing two blocks down with our kids in Dolores Park and watching the clouds float overhead...

We've applied all of our learnings to the design of Knok, so we hope you'll feel at home.

Laura and Juanjo, Knok's founders (and parents of two well-traveled children)

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