How to do a home exchange

New to home swapping? Follow this steps and you will be on your way to a fantastic trip.

How to complete your profile, look for a home, contact members and agree on a home exchange.

Complete your profile

Add your home
Complete your home with a good description and photos.
Add information about yourself and your family
So that other members can get to know and trust you
Mark your preferred destinations
Choose the destinations you want to travel to.
Update your calendar
Establish the availability of your home, and when you want to travel.

Look for a home

Use the Search box
Where you can see personalized suggestions for your trips.
Check your Dashboard
See a list of the most active members in ​your ​preferred destinations​.​
  • Double Match: Click to see families in your destinations who also want to visit your city.
  • Your Destinations: See a list of the most active members in the destinations you have marked.
  • Ready to Go: Members who are offering their homes now, around the world.

Contact families

When you have found a home that you like, you can:

Send a “Knok”
Send a “knok” with just one click: a quick way to show you are interested, without having to write a message (click on the K sign).
Respond to other families’ messages
Responding to other members keeps the network engaged. If you're not interested, there are “quick response” buttons that help you answer with a click.

Usually, the right way to go is to contact several members, to increase your chances of finding an available home.

Agree on a trip

Create a Trip Agreement
Once you have agreed on a trip with another family, you need to create a Trip Agreement, where both members provide their personal data and ensure our home insurance applies to that trip.

Two ways to travel

Direct Swap
Stay at a family home, and have that same family stay at yours (it doesn’t need to be simultaneous).
Knok Days
Share your home with any member and earn Knok Days, then use those Knok Days to stay at any available home in the network.

Sharing your home

Any doubts?

Contact your Knok Connector
You can write a message to your Knok Connector from your dashboard. She will help you with any questions or concerns.