Knok Days

Share your home without having to match dates or destinations

Earn Days by letting other families borrow your home Use your Knok Days to book any home

How does it work?

  • 1.- Set up your Calendar
    Select and add the dates your home is available.
  • 2.- Earn Knok Days
    Earn Days by letting other families borrow your home.
  • 3.- Use your Days to book
    Browse homes, check the available dates and book using your Knok Days.

It's like booking a hotel but without the cost

Traveling within the Knok Family Network, we let each other stay at our homes when we are not there. Knok Days is the system that helps the members manage those stays. You earn Knok Days when you host someone, and spend Knok Days when you stay at other member's homes. Knok Days are flexible and quick, just like booking a hotel.

We decide when our place is available with Knok Days adding dates to our calendar. Then, we approve which members stay at our home after securely exchanging messages with them. As always, we have complete control over our sharing experience.

Of course we can still do a direct sharing trip, which means your family stays at someone's home while they stay at yours. Knok Days simply gives you more sharing flexibility, so you can share when and where you want

With your subscription you get Knok Days to start traveling today.

That means you've now got 2 ways to travel!

  • 1.- Knok Days
    Earn Days when you lend your home to another member, and spend Days when you book other homes.
  • 2.- Direct Share
    Share your home with a family while the same family stays at your home.

Some examples of when to use Knok Days

  • When you're not going to be at home
    If your home is going to be empty for winter holidays, you could take advantage by lending it to another Knok family and earn Knok Days for future travel.
  • When you want to travel to a specific destination
    If you chose to travel to a specific destination next summer, you may lend your home to another Knok family while you're away (the Knok Days you earn can be used for your current or future vacation).
  • When you own a second home
    If you have a second home you can set it as available all year round to earn even more Knok Days for future trips.