1. What is Knok's Family Travel Network?

Having children changes everything, and especially changes the way we all travel. The Knok Travel Network is for those of us who want meaningful and unique travel experiences that suit both us and our children.

With Knok, we are connected to thousands of like-minded families, who let each other stay at our beautiful homes when we're not there. With Knok, home exchange your home with families you can trust.

2. Can I create an account for free?

Yes, you can create a free account that will enable you to create a profile for your family and home, receive suggestions on homes that could fit with you, and enjoy and share your travel guides with your friends.

3. What are the benefits of joining?

Apart from receiving personalised suggestions on homes to travel to and be able to use the travel guide, you will also be able to interact with all the families in the network, travel worry-free with international home insurance for your trips, become part of a verified community of travelers, and enjoy the personalized guidance of your Knok Connector who will reach out to you to help you get started and welcome you to the network, as well as be available at anytime to answer your questions.

4. We don't have kids, can we still join?

Yes, everyone is welcome to apply to join the network.

1. How do we create an account?

Click the "Apply to Join" or "List your home" button and complete your personal information, home location and your preferred travel destinations. Then follow the instructions to activate your membership.

2. How does a premium membership work?

You can choose the " Success Plan" - only pay once you are ready to travel. Contact all members for free and upgrade once you find a home swap; or the "New members plan" - upgrade during the first 30 days and enjoy a special 70% discount. Memberships are explained here pricing page.

3. Is Knok Home Insurance included in our membership?

Knok Home insurance is included in the membership plans and applies to each trip to members that have activated their subscription (members should use the "Agree on this home exchange" button to enjoy the Home Insurance). However it is not included if you agree a home exchange outside the Knok network.

4. How will our Knok Connector help us get started?

Every family is assigned a Knok Connector to help them curate their first travel experience through the network.

5. Does Knok offer apartments to rent? How many are offered?

Yes, Knok has reached an agreement with external apartments providers to offer family-friendly apartments to rent with an exclusive discount. When you will reserve an apartment you will speak directly with the owner to agree on all the details. There are more that 120,000 apartments to choose from, everywhere around the globe.

6. How can I find those apartments? And if any question arise with apartments, how should we handle it?

You will be able to search and browse apartment rentals in the same way that you do with homes to exchange. Any general question related to the apartment will be managed by the third parties owners of the apartment

1. Your e-mail, phone or exact address are not visible on the website

Your exact address or contact details (e-mail) will never be displayed on the network. You can choose to share that information with other families when you are discussing travel arrangements.

1. How does the formal Home Exchange Agreement work?

Once you are ready to share your home, close the deal with your partner by using the "Start an agreement" button. You will receive Knok's Home Exchange Agreement and your exchange experience will automatically be recorded on your profile, allowing you to receive reviews and get better suggestions for the next time you decide to share your home. Remember, only if you close your agreement on Knok will you be covered by the Knok Home Exchange Insurance. So make sure to click this button.

2. Sign a Home Exchange Agreement

Once you agree on exchanging your home (both families have accepted the agreement, in the Messages section), Knok will send you a draft Home Exchange Agreement. You can adapt it as much as you want and add any details that both families feel comfortable with.

3. There is a last moment cancellation by one of the partners, for unavoidable reasons

Fortunately, this is very rare, but if it happens you can contact us at Knok and we will help you try to arrange the trip with another family. We recommend that members take out their own flight cancellation insurance as an extra precaution.

1. Change your e-mail

Go to your account and click on "Edit" under "My profile" where you will be able to change your contact address and your personal description.

2. How to add another listing to the site

Go to your account, and press "Add home" in the section "My homes". Then you just have to enter all the basic information for your new home as you did for the previous one.

3. How to add photos to my listing

Log in to your account, click on "Photo" in the section "My Homes" then click "Browse" to search your computer and select the photos you want to upload.

4. How to edit my travels

Log in to Knok and go to your account. Click on "Edit" in "My travels" and delete or add more destinations. Remember that the more accurate you are with your dates and number of days, the better your requests to share homes will be.

5. How do we add homes to our wish list?

Your Wish List is the place to store homes that you found attractive and may want to visit in the future, but don't want to contact right now. You can add homes to your Wish List by clicking on the "Add to Wish List" button that you will find in the top right section of a home description. Other Knok members who own those homes will be able to see that you have selected them, encouraging them to contact you if they want to visit your city. It's a great way to find common interests!

6. How to leave feedback about another member's home

When you come back from an exchange, you will receive an e-mail from Knok inviting you to give feedback about your exchange partner. Other members will be able to see your comments when looking for a new home to visit.

7. Send emails to more than one listing at a time

We think it's better to contact other members one by one, showing that you are really interested in their home (and to protect users from an overload of messages). This way, you can adapt your message to each member. It is therefore not possible to send a message to more than one member at a time. You can, however, save your message as a "frequent message" enabling you to reuse it easily for contacting others.

8. Set up email notifications

You will receive two kinds of e-mails from Knok: instant alerts about messages from other members and recommendations from Knok about homes that match your travel criteria. To modify the frequency of these e-mails, go to My Account/My e-mail alerts.

9. How to hide my home on the site

In My Account/My Homes, simply press the "Hide" button. You can decide to show your home again at any time by selecting "Unhide my home" in the same way. Hiding is only recommended when you are unable to exchange for a long period of time or if it is impossible for you to answer other members' queries. Since many exchanges are agreed upon a long time in advance, it is better to keep your home displayed for other members to see.

10. How to unhide your listing on the site

Go to My Account and select "Unhide my home" in the "My Homes" section.

11. Travel within the network as many times as you want.

Summer, Christmas, Easter, Spring Break, and weekends all year round. Share your home with famiies around the world as many times as you want at no extra cost - saving you thousands on travel accommodation.

12. What are "knoks on the door"?

A quick way to show your interest in other homes (without having to write a message). If the other member is interested, he will "Knok you back", and then you can send them a message to start the conversation. You will also receive "knoks on your door" from other families. You can see them in your messages panel, and "Knok back" if you wish. Send as many as you want; for example, to contact many famlies in one destination or for members in destinations you want to visit in the future. They will disappear after 30 days. If the other family is not interested, they simply will not respond.

1. What includes a free account?

With a free account you will be able to create a profile for your family and home, receive suggestions on homes that could fit with you, search homes in your favorite destinations, response to other members messages and use the travel guide to discover best tips on your future trips.

2. How does a premium membership work? Can I upload more than one flat?

Only the members that have paid the subscription have premium memberships and thus include extra benefits that are highlighted on our pricing page. You can list up to 3 homes easily at no extra cost. Just go to My Account/Homes.

3. How does the automatic membership renewal work? What is the price of the subscription renewal?

To help ensure you benefit from all the advantages of being a part of the Knok Network, your membership will automatically be renewed for 1 additional period, using the same payment method you provided last time (for example, if you have a 1 year subscription, it will be renewed for 1 additional year). If you need to update the payment method, you will be able to do so. Every year your membership will be renewed with price of the "Success Plan".

4. How do I cancel my membership?

You may want to think about "hiding" your home instead of cancelling your membership. This option allows you to stop showing your home to our community but still allows you to use Knok like a full member. You can choose to "unhide" your house whenever you wish. If you still wish to cancel your account, click on "My Account" and scroll down to Edit Membership.

1. Check your home insurance

Your current home insurance most likely covers your exchange partners' stay at your home, considering them as friends/guests. You can of course check the details of your coverage with your insurance company.

2. Is my home covered by Knok Home Insurance?

Once you have signed up with Knok, your annual membership includes an insurance for every home sharing your family do on Knok. These exchanges MUST be confirmed on Knok to be covered by our insurance, using the "Start an agreement" option that you will find on the message page.

3. What is covered in Knok Home Insurance?

Knok Home Insurance covers damages, when these are not covered by your regular homeowners' insurance, of up to $150,000 with a deductible of $1,500.

4. What is not covered in Knok Home Insurance?

Knok Home Insurance should not be considered as a replacement for homeowners' insurance. It is an additional insurance offered to Knok members when they swap their home through Knok. The insurance does not cover personal damages or damages to yachts, caravans and other vehicles. Knok Home Insurance is not a travel insurance. Knok recommends that you purchase travel insurance independently if you feel you need it.

5. Which countries are covered?

All countries are covered by Knok Home Insurance.

6. How do I make a claim?

You must contact us within 7 days of your return from your home exchange. Send us an e-mail to questions@knok.com and we will advise you how to proceed.

1. Can we invite our friends to join Knok?

Yes, you should invite your friends to grow your network, your travel guide and to invite them to share their homes with your friends network while they are not there.

2. Where can I travel and stay if I am part of the "Monthly" plan?

You can travel to ALL Knok families homes available through the network worldwide. You will need to have an active subscription until you decide to travel and maintain it active until you return from your trip.

3. Where can I travel and stay if I am part of the "Yearly" Plan?

You can travel to ALL Knok families homes available through the network worldwide.

1. What is the Knok Travel Guide for Families?

The Knok Travel Guide for Families is a series of member-curated maps to share kid and family-friendly places, activites, museums, parks, restaurants, zoos and much more in cities around the world. Every family within the Network can upload and share their favorite places.

2. How can we edit our own travel guide?

You can curate your own travel guides adding your favorite places to your to do list, or adding new places in the guide to share with everyone.

3. How may I add a new place to the guide?

It's simple, search for the city where you want to insert a new play and click on "Add new" to add a the place.

4. How can we share our city's travel guide with friends?

You may share your travel guide by sending the URL via personal email or by sharing it on any of your social networks (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

5. May I invite friends to add information to my guide?

Yes, the more the merrier. They simply must become a Friends Travel Network member to contribute to your travel guide.

6. What is "KID Rank" and how is it measured?

"KID Rank" is a unique system that rates places on the travel guides based on how much your little ones love it. 5 means kids love it and they do not want to leave, 1 means it was ok, but they don't need to go back .

1. How to exchange your home within the network.

You can start a conversation yourselves or receive travel proposals from other families. Both work perfectly, although you can obviously increase the chance of finding a great travel experience if you are pro-active and contact members directly. You can also get help from your Knok Connector to find your next trip.

2. Do I have to exchange my home simultaneously?

Trips through the network can be simultaneous or non-simultaneous, depending on what you agree. For example, you can travel in summer while the other family may travel at Christmas, while you are away visiting family.

3. Exchange any type of home.

Families in the network share houses, condominiums and apartments as well as yachts, caravans and more! The homes shared don't have to be similar: the only thing that matters is that both families are happy with their travel experience.

4. Create a guide for your home

You can create a Home Guide to explain how everything works, it is the best way to help the visiting families feel comfortable in your home, while respecting your "house rules".

5. Hand over the keys

Talk directly to the other family to solve these logistic details. You can arrange to meet in one of the homes or leave the keys with a neighbor - any number of options are possible.

6. Ask other members questions about their cities and homes.

Talk to other families directly online or via telephone to agree on all the details: handing over the keys, cleaning before leaving, etc.

7. How does cleaning the home usually work?

Families can agree to send their own cleaning service at the end of the trip, clean each other's homes or arrange for a local cleaning service through the premium networks.

8. Can we share our car?

Families may choose to include their automobiles as part of the sharing experience.

9. How to prepare your home before the other family arrives.

Leave your home as you would like to find the one you are travelling to. No special cleaning or packing, just basically clean and tidy with fresh towels and bed linen for your guests.