The world is so diverse its amazing how much variety of culture, languages, food, design, clothing, art, architecture, traditions, religions, businesses there are! Following the phrase, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" lets change it to "When in XXXX (pick any city in the world), do as the locals do!" Find out what you shouldnt miss out in your meal while you travel to 8 emblematic destinations in the world:

In Barcelona, dont miss out on the delicious tapas of the city. Which tapas you must have? Patatas bravas (potatoes with a spicy sauce), croquetas (croquettes), gambas al ajillo (prawns with garlic), montaditos (toasted bread with a delight on top) , calamares fritos (fried squid). Yumm!

In New York you cannot miss out on the hot dogs! Visit a cart on one of New Yorks most intersected corners and enjoy a hot dog with ketchup, mustard and onion! Watch out not to stain yourself!


In Turkey you cant miss having a real Doner Kebab made by the local themselves. Originally doner kebabs were served under buttered rice but with the need-of-the-time they have evolved to pita breads wrapped around the meat! Practical to travel and walk around visiting the city.

In Casablanca dont miss out on the spicy stew couscous made out of vegetables, chicken and lamb. Couscous can authentically only be made in a couscoussier so after you enjoy your meal, dont forget to take a peek in the kitchen and discover this curious vessel!

What would a trip to India be without trying the curry in the Land of Curries! The curry, usually mixed with coconut and spices can be eaten with the fragrant Basmati rice or with a chapati (unleavened flat bread). Remember to have a glass of water next to you, you might need it to relieve your tongue from the spice!


In bella Napoli you must not miss out on the famous pasta and pizza. One cannot travel all the way to Napoli without savoring these dishes. There are rumors that say perhaps Marco Polo brought the concept of pasta when he came back from a trip in China. But nonetheless, Napoli transformed itself and became the capital of pasta and pizza!

China is known for its dumplings, a dough ball with a meat or vegetable stuffing, that you can soak in soya-sauce or enjoy in your soup!

Everyone knows Brazil for their Carnival and for their wonderful beaches and people, but what about their food? In your visit to Brazil dont miss out on the feijoada, a spicy stew made out of black beans and pork.


Experiencing house swap makes our taste buds explore new flavors and helps them come out of their comfort zone. Its nice to travel, we discover worlds and we keep our senses alert!