When we travel, we normally tend to focus on exploring whats on top of the planet rather than exploring the under world and the upper world. What do I mean by this? How many of us really have explored whats hidden below that blue collection of water? How many of us really of us travel to a new city to explore what the sky has to show us? 

Stargazing is one of those unique experiences that we have to marvel at the unknown world right above us that we are so unaware of us. In our day to day life we get so involved in our routine that rarely do we stop and acknowledge that below our walking feet there are animals and above our busy heads there is a universe with who knows what creatures existing! There are several cities across the world with the darkest skies that are untouched by the pollution of the cities. These skies are fascinating to admire! So why not live a new experience and do stargazing tourism?

Valentia Island located in Ireland is one of those few places in Europe where you can find the darkest skies. In California you will find Joshua Tree national park which attracts so many stargazers that every month they have a star party where hundreds of people gather together and admire the show the sky has put up for them. In Wiruna, New South Wales, Australia you will find 100 acres of land exclusively to stargaze. Canadas Mont-Mégantic National Park is located in an area exclusive dedicated to preserve the purity of the sky.  Utahs Natural Bridges National Monument has been given for the very first time the International Dark Sky Park label not only for the great views but also for their educational walks and programs.

There are several options one can do while traveling, stargazing is just one of them. So hop on to a flight and find a home swap in a country which you can admire during the day time and during the night!