First of all, for those who didn't get the memo on "Movember," here's the deal:  For the entire month of November, men around the world are encouraged to grow moustaches as a symbolic gesture to raise money and awareness about health issues specific to men, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, etc. This pro-men's health movement started in 2003, and has been growing in popularity and virality ever since. The official website is calling us "Generation Moustache" as more and more pro-MO events are popping up around the world.

To show our support for the new mo-generation of world travelers, we've sought the assistance of the original explorer and crowd seeker, Waldo! Being a man of the world, Waldo has grown his 'stache for our Where's Waldo Movember Tribute, paying homage to how a simple thing like growing facial hair has brought people together to fight for the global good of all men! 

So here goes...can you spot the Mo-Waldo in 5 of Knoks favorite cities around the world?

1. Mo-Waldo loves watching the Barça games in his favorite city in Spain, Barcelona! Can you spot him?

2. Mo-Waldo had a blast cheering on his friends at the NYC Marathon this year! Can you spy him among these New York runners?

3. Last time Mo-Waldo visited the city of Berlin, he joined in some karaoke fun and made new friends at the park. Can you see him singing along?   

4. Mo-Waldo never leaves Rome (his favorite city for eating pasta) without stopping by the famous Trevi Fountain. Can you pick him out in the crowd? 

5. Mo-Waldo's favorite city in all of Europe is Paris. He loves to visit the Eiffel tower and stroll beneath its splendor. Can you find him?


We hope you enjoyed spotting Mo-Waldo! Leave us a comment, and let us know your favorite city to rock your Movember moustache in a crowd.