We are are excited to announce the new Knok!  Connecting like-minded families who want meaningful and unique travel experiences to be an integral part of their lives.

We all want to lead extraordinary lives, and the best way we know how is through travel! It bonds families together, creating unforgettable, authentic, and enriching memories.  But lets face it, traveling with children creates a unique set of challenges, and we all need a little help and guidance to work through those challenges.

As members of Knok, we are now connected to thousands of families, making it easy to share our homes with each other when were not there. If you visit Knok today, you'll notice that the website is completely redesigned. We have built a set of tools to make traveling with children a rewarding and meaningful experience. Of course, you can continue using Knok if you don't travel with children, many of the new features will enhance your overall travel experience as well.


Heres some of the new exciting stuff you can do: 

1. Create a friends network within Knok, for free: you can use Knok to plan your trips with friends, and share your homes with each other, using Knok's calendar and tools.

2. Check out our unique travel guide, built by our community of members. Start adding your favorite places in the cities you love, and discover new places in your favorite destinations.

3. Create a shared travel guide with your friends: you can ask them for travel tips for their own cities and for the places theyve visited. You will automatically see them in your guide map.

Thanks to Knok, families who travel now have an international peer-based network that makes everything easier, better and less expensive!

For those who are not already part of the network, here's what it means to join the first ever family travel network built by and for families who are passionate about travel:

A home is ready for you and your family in every city around the world

You become part of a secure, validated network of thousands of like-minded families

One fee, unlimited travel

Home Insurance for that extra level of security

Professional photos of your home

A personal Knok Connector is ready to plan your travel experiences with you

Exceptional travel planning tools and services at your fingertips, to help with babysitting, kid equipment & toys, locally-curated guides, local food, and more...

Access to family-friendly, interactive travel guides filled with local insights created by you and your peers

Opportunities to form bonds and friendships with families around the world.

A learning experience measured in languages learned, cultures explored, foods tasted, and sights seen.

No more accommodation fees, ever.


So if you like the sound of traveling the world as a family, give Knok a try and open the door to a truly exciting way of life.


PS:  If you have any questions or need help, we would love to talk to you. Drop us a line at questions@knok.com.