Recently we came across an extremely interesting movement. A movemenet that inspires us, humans, to realize that we are not ants. We are not meager drops. We are drops that form an ocean. Our projects can make a difference in the world we live in. We can improve the mess weve made on planet Earth. "We Are Not Ants is a movement that promotes an informed optimism. It is a celebration of what we have done right, tempered by what is still going wrong."

One of the basic values that our current society is lacking is trust. We dont trust each other therefore we dont tend to share. We dont share because we are selfish. We are selfish because we only thing about ourselves. Knok is one of the many projects that is trying to re-educate this society the beauty in sharing.  When we are kids we are taught to share our toys and our candies but as we grow older and get sucked up more in the material world, sharing becomes something occasional. In Knok we believe in sharing houses and when we share our house we share our story. The experience of travelling to an unknown city and living like a local is so enriching. And more knowing that at the same time you are enjoying a homely touch to your travel, so is another family. Thats the beauty in home exchange.

At Knok, we are a community. And because of this, we believe that it is a priviledge to be part of a movement such as "We are not Ants". If you are looking for any inspiring project, we recommend you to join the movement!