"This summer we swapped homes in Washington D.C. and I must say that the experience was truly unique. While living in Barcelona, one is more accustomed to live in an apartment and although our home is in a residential area, theres always something happening. When we finished signing our exchange agreement for our home exchange, we were excited and thrilled as this time, for the first time in our lives we were going to be staying in one of those typical American homes that are big and spacious and surrounded by nature

We arrived to our new home the first week of August and immediately we knew we had chosen the right home. The house was huge with 3 floors, with 4 rooms to sleep, several bathrooms, a big kitchen, a play room and a couple of living rooms. The house was situated in the midst of nature, our lawn was in front of our home and the forest right behind our home. The house had a library with hundreds of books and a play room with millions of toys. My son was the happiest little kid in the world. 

To live in a home while you travel truly helps you enjoy your holidays from a different and more profound way. You learn more about the culture of the country, why they believe the beliefs they do, why they like the things they do, what they eat and how they eat. By simply sitting in the home you can learn so much about the family lifestyle, customs, how local people truly live, what they read and how they entertain themselves.  You learn to appreciate the diversity this world has, which is something that we arent really aware of while we live in our own homes.

For me vacation means running, so every single day I ran. My husband spent his time reading, which is what he considers as a vacation. Our son was delighted in the toy room and spent his time shuttling between the playroom and the outside garden. We definitely didn't miss out on visiting the emblematic spots of the city such as The Natural History Museum and The White House. We did try and get in touch with President Obama to ask him if he cared to join us for a cup of coffee, but we were informed he was out of the country. ;) Our home swap experience was simply perfect, we could not have asked for anything better.

During the period of our stay we were  in constant communication with the family we swapped with as we were cross exchanging last minute instructions and suggestions as to what to do in each place. On Knok's travel guide, there is also a list of suggested things to do in the area. 

Now that we are back in Barcelona it has been back to routine and running around, but every now and then we do walk down memory lane to the life we lived in Washington D.C. and remember those memories. Christmas is around the corner and weve already started contacting several homes. Were ready to dive into a new home exchange adventure, I cant wait for our next holidays!"

This testimonial was sent to Knok by Abril Martinez who swapped homes with her family this summer.