A recent survey by HSBC Expat Explorer Survey and Forbes has ranked the worlds friendliest countries making them very good target countries for home swap exchangers to visit and enjoy the relaxed and friendly lifestyle. New Zealand was ranked by over 3000 expats as the friendliest country in the world; closely followed by Australia.

The top five countries (in order of friendliness) are:

New Zealand


South Africa


United States.

These countries were ranked based on the economic stability, raising children, the population and of course, the experience of mixing around with the locals. In the case of the first 3 countries, it is interesting to understand that these countries are the ones that are "separate" from the rest of the world and perhaps the ones that are most interested in meeting people. Being surrounded by nature and the sea does play a huge role in bringing about a more relaxed atmosphere.

The previous list?s leader, Canada, slipped all the way to fourth. And surprise, surprise ? the United States sits in fifth place.

And just to bear in mind, the countries that were ranked at the bottom of the friendly list were U.A.E., Russia, and Qatar. This ranking has been done from the perspective of an expat so these countries need not be unfriendly, but perhaps to settle down for a short period of time (like expats) do, they arent as helpful in accommodating them.

Surveys just give facts, at the end of the day its about the experiences that we live in the countries that make us love a place more than others. But one thing is there, it would be lovely to enjoy one of these countries and relax on the beach, and why not, even go for a home swap in New Zealand!