For those who dont already know, 100 Cities is a Collaborative Travel Guide that Knok put together with the help of over 100 travel bloggers from around the world! The project was launched a year ago in February 2013, and we are proud to say that we currently have OVER 100 cities included in the guide in three different languages!

The 100 Cities Guide now offers something for everyone: Family-friendly itineraries; off-the-beaten-path ideas; local food inspiration; and other great insider info about the worlds most dynamic places to visit.

At the end of the year, we randomly chose one lucky contributing travel blogger to help fund his or her next big trip! 

Congratulations to Eileen from Families Go who is our lucky 100 Cities Grand Prize Winner!!!

Eillen Gunn, founder of is a writer, speaker and consultant on all things related to family travel, and we were thrilled that she chose to collaborate in Knoks 100 Cities Travel Guide with her post: My Perfect Day in Brooklyn.

Knok also awarded the most popular posts with a prize each month.

Heres our staff pick of the TOP 10 posts from our international collaborators:

1. Portugal: Eat Your Way Around Lisbon by Zara Quiroga

2. Top 10 things to do in Granada, Spain by Molly Piccavey

3. Novigrad, Istria: A Seafood Heaven by Frank & Vera

4. Un día perfecto en Liubliana by Miryam Tejada

5. 24 heures à Shanghai by Véronique

6. Un día perfecto en Hoi An by Marina Hernández

7. North Holland- bikes, trains, canals, and more! by Lhasa Hetherington

8. Une journée légère et gourmande à Montréal by Nathalie

9. A Perfect Day in Melbourne by Laura Bronner

10. A Perfect Day in San Francisco by Deborah Abrams Kaplan Finally, wed like to say a BIG Thank you to all of the talented and well-traveled bloggers who participated in 100 Cities and made this guide a true source for travel inspiration! --

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