People love chocolate! It is such a huge industry with so many loyal fans all over the world that simply adore the smell and the flavor of these dark brown delights that melt in your mouth. Want to discover the top 5 chocolate festivals where people with the same passion meet under the same roof? Check out our list!!

1. Eurochocolate - Perugia, Italy : It is considered to be the largest chocolate festival in the world! The festival hosts all kinds of events, from chocolate sculpting, to cooking classes and of course, chocolate sampling!

2. Choco-Late Festival: Brugge, Belgium: Belgium is known worldwide for their delicatessen chocolate, so it definitely does come as a surprise that a chocolate festival in the month of November is held in country. Did you know that Belgium is the home of Godiva, the most popular gourmet chocolate in the world! Dont forget to stop by their stand during the festival!

3. The Chocolate Festival of Linkoping, Sweden:  This festival in Sweden hosts seminars to help educate chocolate lovers and experts about the benefits of having chocolate as well as cooking recipes where chocolate can be used.

4. Chocolate Rush Festival: Melbourne, Australia : Imagine a fun-filled day of  chocolate, children, laughter and the warm sun on your skin. This festival in Melbourne attracts chocolate fans as well as children who can join one of the chocolate classes prepared for them or simply stop by stalls to savor the chocolates.

5. Chocolate Fest: Canada : Wonder what it would be like to walk through a chocolate museum or have a chocolate treasure hunt? There sure are fun activities waiting for you in this chocolate festival!

So plunge into the world of chocolate and discover where in the world should you travel next to not only enjoy a wonderful adventure but to also sweeten your mouth!