Are you planning a trip? Here at Knok we dedicate A LOT of time to finding the best ways to travel the world while staying for free via home exchange. The online resources are infinite (and often overwhelming). But who can you truly trust to steer you in the right direction? Tourist sites dont share with you what you really want to know, like "Where do the locals go for a tasty brew?" Or "Where can you snap a panoramic picture that isn't crawling with tourists?" Or "Where to catch a game of pick-up volleyball on the beach?" We get it. Thats why we launched the 100 Cities project. To ask the world's top travel bloggers to share with our travel-hungry, home-swapping community their insights. We've dedicated this post to those bloggers who generously explore the world and selflessly share their findings with us!

 ...and without further adieu heres our

List of the Top 10 City Travel Bloggers:

1 - Kevin Revolinski, The Mad Traveler Blog, expert on the city of Istanbul.

2 - Anna Fader, Mommy Poppins Blog expert on the cities of New York and Los Angeles.

3 - Ethan Gelber, The Travel World Blog, expert on the city of Sydney.

4 - Nicola, Jet Lag And Mayhem Blog, expert on the city of Hong Kong

5 - Deborah Abrams Kaplan, Frisco Kids Blog, expert on the city of San Francisco.

6 - Lauren Aloise, Spanish Sabores Blog, expert on the city of Madrid.

7 - Marina Villatora, Tavel Experta Blog, expert on the city of Antigua, Guatemala.

8 - Gary Bembridge, Tips for Travelers Blog, expert on the city of Cape Town.

9 - Corey Taratuta, Irish Fireside Blog, expert on the city of Dublin.

10 - Sarah Peppel, Genesis Moments Blog, expert on the city of Philadelphia, Pa.

Find other great bloggers and read their stories about the worlds most charismatic cities on the 100 Cities website

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