We just discovered an interesting company called Leihdirwas, check out what they have shared with us:  Leihdirwas.de is a new way of how people can get what they need. Usually if you need something, what do you do? You go shopping - online, maybe offline, used or new.  But in any case you need to buy it. So you take a long trip through every website or shop you know, just to get what you need. What if? What if that wouldn?t be necessary? What if I tell you, that you can get what you need for that time that you need for a much smaller amount of money? And you don?t have to worry about it, after you used it? We asked us the same questions a long time ago. And after a long time of thinking and developing we started a platform called Leihdirwas.de. We encourage people to share their stuff. If it?s a camera or their home projectors doesn?t matter. Anything other people need is interesting. To ensure that people can share their stuff without worries, we included a brand new an innovative insurance. We take care, that everything that gets lost, destroyed or anything will be replaced to the full value up to 1000 Euro, which is quite a lot if you think about the average value of your stuff. People themselves take care that the black sheeps will be left out. If you get a bad review it?s no wonder you won?t be able to rent anything online any more. Our brand new spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8TupI79_PQ So if you want to be the black Lord, surprise your kids as Santa or have an awesome game evening with the new Wii U  feel free to sign up (its free of course). We will be happy to welcome every single one of you. This post has been written by: Michael from Leihdirwas.de