London has many famous and important sites to see: Tower of London, Big Ben, St. Paul´s Cathedral, and everything Harry Potter related. Harry Potter is one of the most famous Brits in the world and recently, in London you will find Harry Potter tours or optiosn for fans of all calibers. One can go and visit a few filming spots on their own, or go on a full day tour in order to bring back the magic into their "muggle" (human according to J.K. Rowling) lives. 

London and the surrounding areas such as Bath and Oxford have Harry Potter filming sites dotted all around. One of the most popular sites is Platform 9 ¾ located at King´s Cross Station. Another popular site to visit on your own is the London Zoo´s reptile house. The reptile house is where Harry first recognizes his power while talking to a snake.

If visiting a few spots on your own doesn´t satisfy your Harry Potter craving, you?re in luck. London offers walking and taxi tours with guides who will point out lesser known filming locations and share fun filming details. The taxi tours will also take you to nearby cities such as Oxford and Bath to see even more filming locations.

If you still haven´t gotten enough Harry Potter there is always the Warner Brothers Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter tour. While this tour takes a whole day, 10 hours, you get an up close and personal Harry Potter experience. The tour includes a detailed look behind the scenes and onto walking tours through actual sets. Props, costumes, and effects from the movie are also at the studio. The fun doesn´t stop there, you can even try foods from the Harry Potter world during your house exchange trip such as the infamous drink, Butterbeer.  If you want to know more, blogger Kitty Bean Yancy gives a description of the tour, along with pictures. While the tour has no rides and is rather expensive (?66 for an adult or ?60 for a child) a true Harry Potter fan will definitely feel fulfilled.

Whether you want to dedicate a whole day or just want to visit a location or two, London makes sure they have something Harry Potter related for you. Home swapping makes traveling with a family so much easier, bring your kids to London and take advantage of all the great tours.