Istanbul is the best city to visit in Europe this 2013! At least, that's what the contest Best European Destination, organized by The European Consumers Choice, concluded after analyzing the results.

20 cities were selected to participate on the on-line public voting site and the Turkish city of Istanbul was the chosen as number one. The second runner up, only 439 votes behind was Lisbon, in Portugal. Want to know the top ten cities to visit (and home swap!) this year in Europe? Check it out:

#1 Istanbul, Turkey

The only city in the world to straddle two continents, Istanbul is the historic crossroads between East and West, a city that is the perfect choice for a refreshing break from the city.

#2 Lisbon, Portugal

The good weather and long days are an irresistible invitation to discover and experience the city.

#3 Vienna, Austria

Viennese cuisine, wine and chocolate? They all stand for the enjoyment culture of the city on the Danube. Besides that, Vienna is also globally known as a metropolis of art and culture.

#4 Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, you hardly choose what you want to see. It only takes a short walk in Passeig de Gracia to see the top brand name shops and the great houses with Gaudi's impressive designing. The sun of the Mediterranean is a big invitation to meet the town.

#5 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Good food, nice people and great views wherever you go. Amsterdam is a calm, cozy city that invites you to fall in love with each canal you have to cross. Don't forget to rent a bicylce!

#6  Madrid, Spain

Cosmopolitan, modern, big: the vibrant Spanish capital makes everyone feel right at home, while providing them with some really interesting tourist attractions.

#7 Valletta, Malta

It's not because Valletta is the smallest European capital that it makes the city less interesting. With a rich cultural and historical offering of attractions, Valetta shows her charm at each slow walk around.

#8 Nice, France

The blue sky meets the blue sea in an unbelievable landscape. That should be reason enough to meet this young, vibrant, fun and constantly growing seaside city.

#9 Milan, Italy

This city is the hub of the Italian culture and media. Fall for the typical Italian charm and elegance very well represented by Milan.

#10 Stockholm, Sweden

A city open for everyone! Stockholm is trendy, inspiring and ground braking. A place where creativity grows, and where dreams come true.