Welcome to the 1st Knok & Tell of 2014!

As you may know, all Knok & Tell posts come from you--our well-traveled Knok community! Today we are happy to share another great post by Laura and her family who currently live and swap from Barcelona, Spain. What a great way to start a new year!


January is always the coldest month in the northern hemisphere, and the first week of the year is the perfect moment to sneak away to a vacation spot with lots of sun.This year we decided to do a home exchange with a family in Southern Tenerife, the Silent Coast.

From our home base were were able to go on several excursions and explore the entire island. First we hiked to the snow capped Mount Teide, which locals told us you must do when you have the chance! The sun is so strong here that it melts all the snow in the Canary Islands unbelievably fast. So next week all the snow may be gone. We took full advantage of that strong sun by going swimming nearly every day during our vacation!

The home we exchanged with had a pool, so were lucky enough to be able to start the day with a swim or come home and relax by the pool for lunch. We also visited some of the famous beaches of the islands. Our first stop was Puerto de la Cruz, which has some fantastics pools at the edge of the sea where we went swimming and sunbathed. 

The next beach we enjoyed was Playa en Los Cristianos, whose long and calm shoreline is the perfect spot to enjoy the blue skies and build sand castles. We loved walking along the old port and seeing the remnants of what was once just a humble fishermans village. 

One evening we also went to la Feria (the fair) for the first time! (The month of January is actually high tourist season on the Islands, so there are an endless amount of attractions and special shows geared towards families on their "summer" vacations.) The fair is one such place where everyone in the family can have fun. Our kids loved the merry-go-round, the mini roller coaster, and all the carnival games!

We truly had  an unforgettable time, and did an impressive amount of activities: adventurous ones, relaxing ones and everything in between! Plus, we felt like we could disconnect from our devices and internet--theres something about the Canary Islands that makes it easy to leave it all behind and just soak up the sun :)    __  

We?d like to thank these Knoksters for sharing his home exchange experience with us and the Knok community! If you?d like to share your own home swap story, just send me an email at: rp@knok.com.