Singapore has been listed as one of the worlds top 10 cities most visited in the world. Known as a the worlds financial center, Singapore not only attracts business men but also many tourists who come to see this 63 island country. 

Curiously enough, its name literally means Lion City which is kind of funny because most likely there never lived a lion in the country. The story goes that the founder of Singapore Sang Nila Utama, saw what he thought was a lion but was actually a tiger and named the island Singapore. And to add to this anecdote, Singapores mascot is none other than a Merlion which is a lion headed creature with the body of a fish. The symbolism behind the fish body reflects Singapore origin as a fishing village and the lion head refers to Singapores name.

Singapore is one of those countries that is absolutely international. You will find a mini world co-existing in the country with citizens belonging to many different countries and foods to please all kinds of paladars. So what exactly can you do in Singapore apart from shop and eat?

You can take a visit to the Botanical Gardens, take a ride on Singapores Flyer which is the largest ferris wheel in the world, or stroll around Little India or Chinatown and have a glimpse of what it would be like to visit the two most populated countries in the world! Take a boat ride to one of the islands or venture into one of the many Buddhist temples across the country. Or simply look up and admire the tall financial buildings that make the city sparkle in the night.

Singapore is definitely an interesting option to consider, especially if you are interested in traveling to Asia. And to truly live a local experience swap homes and live in a residential area, just like a local would, and discover what its like to live in a country with so many international people surrounding you. And dont forget your umbrella, it tends to rain unexpectedly in Singapore!