In this period of time, we hardly hear about people cultivating their own crops. Especially those of us living in the city where there is practically no place for us to harvest anything! So the only solution that we have to buy our fresh food are mostly supermarkets and markets. But there are so many inconvenient factors when it comes to buying your fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. To begin with, who knows what kinds of products they might have used while growing them, who knows how long they have been in transition between the field and the supermarket. Markets could have slightly fresher vegetables and fruits, but we can even ask ourselves, how fressh? Because of all these reasons and many more, many people have opted on growing their own vegetables and fruits and saving up on money. Thats when Lourish comes into place. 

There are many individuals who grow their own crops but many times have an excess of them and they have to throw them away! What if you could exchange your crops? What if you shared what you have with someone else who had something you needed! That would be ideal right? Very logical yet there was no online platform that helped farmers out until Lourish came about. The Lourish philosophy believes that the best food in the world comes from the the crops you grow in your garden and such local growing is the key to sustainable food for everyone. What Lourish does is connect people who produce their own food and want to share what they produce! Hence saving on money and wastage of food.

This is yet another brilliant example of the sharing philosophy and businesses that are starting to emerge. When we share the excess that we have, arent we making the world slightly better? Perhaps. But one thing is for sure, we are definitely helping the world live a little longer. The sharing factor is so essential and important for human because it makes us stand as one community rather than hide in our cocoons. Its a pity that we have become so selfish but its brilliant that we are starting to realize the importance of sharing and being selfless. Sharing your food, sharing your homes all fit into a wonderful experience and disconnection from your routine. What about a house exchange over there? Are you ready to try it out?