People all around the world have a special relationship with their pets, no matter what language they speak or what they eat for breakfast. Here's a quick tour around the world (blog-style) to share with you some of the most popular (and oddest) animals that locals keep as pets.  

Dog Walker in Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's no surprise that dogs are the number one pet in many of the world's cultures, but there's one city in particular that seems to have more dogs than one person can handle! Buenos Aires is well-known for it's dog walkers who handle anywhere between 10 and 20 dogs at a time.

Stylish Puss in Paris, France

Parisians are known for having impeccable style, and their sleek feline friends are no different. Many café goers will bring their cats out on the town to sit in their laps and purr along with the conversation.  

Golden Hamsters are the kids favorite in Tokyo, Japan

Cute and fuzzy and able to fit in the palm of your hand--that's what the kiddies in Tokyo love about their golden hamsters. The only downside to their size is how easily they can escape and hide in the house... for mom to find later!  

Cobras, Rattlers, and Reptiles are a favorite in Sydney, Australia

While the famous Crocodile Hunter of Australia would fight with snakes in the wild, the majority of Aussies prefer their reptiles on the domestic-side and "hunted down" in the local pet shop.  

Cows are sacred pets in New Delhi, India

In India, the cow is a sacred animal, and thus are common family pets said to bring good luck and fortune to its owners.  

Alpacas are native fluffy friends in Cusco, Peru

Alpacas are principally used for their wool, and while they look sweet, truth be told they are more interested in what's for dinner than playing with their owners. That said, they can be taught to tolerate some affection-- as long as they are rewarded.  

Macaws perch on their owners shoulders in Antigua, Guatemala.

When you go to Central America, don't be surprised if you find yourself posing for a photo with a Macaw on your shoulder. These beautiful birds are kept as pets and trained by their owners to sit pretty and smile for the cameras. 

Giraffes are a rare but impressive pets in Nairobi, Kenya

Nothing is more awe-inspiring than looking up at a 6 meter-high animal. In Kenya they are a rare family pet, but those with large enough terrains do enjoy a co-habitation with the tallest pet on the block!

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