Last May we enjoyed a home swap for a long weekend with a couple in Paris. They will come to our house in Barcelona sometime this year and we went to their second house in Paris last spring. A home exchange can also be done in a non-simultaneous way. They wanted to come to Barcelona but werent available for it at that time, however they had their second house empty for that period and we agreed on a house swap exchange.

The house was located near Place des Vosges and Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine and we got the best tips from them: where to go to visit wonderful art galleries, restaurants and handcrafts shops. Also being located at walking distant from the Notre Dame, the perfect ending for the day was an ice-cream in Berthillon, a famed luxury ice cream maker whose flagship store in the Île St Louis running since 1954! Berthillon is a family owned business that has not created different branches. It is a place where all Parisians know exactly where to go if they desire to have a glace. And what gives ice creams its unique flavor is that all the ingredients that are used are absolutely natural and do not include any preservatives. Berthillon is an absolute treat for all of us who love to experience house swap and visit locally.