There may be many places where one can do Paragliding but there is only ONE place in the world where  you can do parahawking, and that is in Nepal. What exactly is parahawking? It is a fusion between paragliding and falconry where Eagles are trained to fly with paragliders and guide them to where the thermals air. By taking advantage of the thermals paragliders and birds fly longer distances and conserve energy. And this can only be done in Maya Devi Village in Nepal. In Maya Devi Village they train the birds to guide them to the thermals and then reward them in the air for their efforts by giving them something to eat. By flying with these birds around you, you will not only be able to enjoy the experience of flying but also interact with these birds in their own environment. Watching this video transported me to a book I recently read called Seagull by Jonathan Livingston. We all dream of flying and thats why we do paragliding or parachuting. But we always do it alone or amongst humans; imagine flying with species that actually fly. You would be one among them. Just to add a little to the experience in Nepal, Maya Devi Village is named after Buddhas mother and was constructed on the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal following the traditional style in Nepal. Nepal is known to be a country very in tune with nature and that is why perhaps you can do only do parahawking there. Start living a local experience via a house exchange in Nepal and live your bird-like experience.