How about a cinematographic walk on the gorgeous streets of Rome? Woody Allen?s To Rome with Love, brings the Italian city as one of its main locations, as he has previously did with Paris, in Midnight in Paris and Barcelona, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Check some of the must-see locations of the movie to get some inspiration in your home swap in Rome as you  fall in love with the city too.

Trevi fountain: located in Piazza de Trevi, the square is the place where an American tourist, Hayley, meets the Italian Michelangelo, while looking for the Trevi fountain. The squares centerpiece is the Victor Emmanuel II monument which is often called the ?wedding cake? or ?Mussolini?s typewriter? due to its striking size and shape. Yes, it?s the perfect scenery for them to fall in love, and SPOILER ALERT, they do.

 La Garbatella: the very charming neighborhood of La Garbatella is a secret that Woody Allen gave away in the movie. Completely off most tourist radars, it?s easy to get there by metro and is perfect to stop by for a bite: you will definitely want to try one of the restaurants around.

Spanish Steps: this one is not a hidden-only-local-people-know place, but it has been the inspiration for artists and musicians for centuries and is definitely a must go in  Rome. Piazza di Spagna is connected to Trinità dei Monti on the hill above, by Europes widest staircase, the Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti, known to foreigners as the Spanish Steps.

Villa dei Quintili: an ancient villa outside the traditional boundaries of Rome, it was built in the course of the 2nd century. The former luxury space still has well-preserved bath with a pool, caldarium (hot room) and frigidarium (cold room). The ruins form an incredible view and can also be the place for deep dialogs, just like the ones in the movie.

So live your love story in Rome while you home exchange!