There is this wonderful moment in a persons life when they taste something that turns their world upside down. Thats exactly what happened to me when I savored the green thai curry in Thai Gardens. The place by itself is an experience as it transports you to a lavish Thai World where the smell of incense, gold Buddhas, flowers create a mystical and peaceful atmosphere. And the food is absolutely lovely! One may believe that it is not really local, especially in Madrid to try thai food, but sometimes its not all about discovering local food but also recommendations that local people give us. Thats when I discovered Thai Gardens! 

Slightly on the posh side, Thai Gardens has several branches across Spain and Mexico. The staff is dressed in traditional Thai clothing and you can also choose either to sit on a regular table or on a table on the floor with your feet dangling down! Since life is all about living new experiences, we obviously chose to dangle our feet down! Every dish we ordered was delicious and the deserts were mouthwatering. Highly recommended, if you ever go for a home swap in Madrid, a house exchange in Barcelona, Valencia or Mexico, do visit this wonderful restaurant with beautiful decoration and delicious food.