You may shop in the organic section of your local grocery store, but have you ever stepped foot on the farm where your produce comes from? If the answer is NO, then we have a great adventure idea for you and your family: An Organic Farm Tour. Purchasing local products and being a local tourist is better for the planet--that’s why parents are stepping up and showing their children how to help share in supporting local love!

Visiting an organic farm is a truly authentic local experience. Just think of a petting zoo, but with much more educational appeal for both kids and adults. Plus, you have the chance to walk away with some fresh produce along with those beautiful memories from your time on the farm. In order to find an organic farm tour near you, or your next travel destination, all you need is an internet connection and our interactive family travel map will help you find the closest one.

In this post we’ll be taking a look at South Florida’s farms. Last week we had the chance to visit Scooby's Organic Farm in Davie, Florida- a short road trip from any beach vacation spot in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach. The owners were extremely enthusiastic while showing us their life’s work, and the farm’s greeter--a goat named Booba--was the friendliest of all!

Our first stop was to see the fuzzy baby chicks and watch the hens and ducks being fed. Walking in muddy boats we made our way to the chicken coop which was filled with chickens running free outside; while inside the day’s fresh laid eggs rested peacefully. Our tour guide explained the difference between the eggs we saw and let the little ones pick an egg from the nesting area. The children were delighted as they carefully picked up their blue-shaded eggs. 

We also visited the lambs and goats, and were greeted by another friendly one named Sheva who liked to munch on our shirts if we stood still for too long. The children shrieked with delight as they pushed the “silly” goat away. We saw the milking station and even two newly born white, fluffy lambs. The guide told us that if we looked at their facebook page not only could we see when new babies were being born, but also that week’s produce, and useful recipes.

We left with two fresh cartons of eggs and huge smiles!

Besides Scooby’s Organic Farm, here are a few other local farms and farmer’s markets we recommend on your next trip to South Florida:

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