If you ever travel to Quebec or rather to any place in Canada you must not miss out their local and "fast foodish" snack: poutine. The name literally mean, (in Quebec slang) "mess" and the name couldnt apply better to the dish. This dish is made out of potato, gravy and curd cheese; a slightly weird combination for those of us who arent exposing their palate to such experiences! 


The potatoes are freshly cut and fried with spoonfuls of cheese curds on top, which are all warmed up with the brown gravy sauce normally made out of chicken, beef and veal. This dish, which initially started in Quebec in the 1950s. In spite of being a slightly messy dish, it has been liked so much that it has spread all over Canada as well as the United States. And to reach out to everyone, there are different versions of the original recipe some including even vegetarian options!  A few restaurants you must visit to discover the best poutine in Quebec are Ashton (a local Canadian chain that specializes in making poutine) or Buffet de lAntiquare that make their own poutine.

Discovering what the locals eat is very insightful and will just add to our experience while we travel. Try out the home exchange experience in Quebec and discover the tremendous opportunities this unique way of travel can give you, from local friends to the discovery of local foods! Have a happy house swap! Au Revoir!