Last week we spoke about the unique breakfast eaten in Wales and today we take you to the Philippines where they have no other than sinangag for breakfast... but what is sinangag? Sinangag would be understood in our terms as fried rice. In Asia, rice is a staple ingredient in the diet of the citizens and used in several different ways. Sinangag, or fried rice, is made with egg and little sausages, garlic, cloves, onion accompanied with a nice plate of fresh fruit.

Many Asian countries serve their meals on huge bright green banana leaves. One may wonder that this is purely an esthetic factor or an eco-friendly way of not wasting. Which are valid reasons but the main reason is that the leaves contain chemicals that are emitted when they come in contact with heat making the food even more tasty and help make it easier to digest. Banana leaves are also known to be the cleanest leaves amongst all other leaves.

What an interesting and refreshing way to start your day with a clean banana leaf as your plate. Your breakfast cant get more local than enjoying sinangag on a banana leaf while you enjoy a local home swap in the Philipines.