Whats the first food that pops to your mind when we say Japan? Mmmmm...... sushi? Noodles? Wasabi? Japan has become world renowned for its sushi and it actually is quite curious how popular the Japanese cuisine has suddenly become! And to think that perhaps some 5 to 8 years ago, most people might not have even known about the existence of sushi! But lets just think about Japan a bit more... what would a traditional Japanese breakfast be like? What do Japanese eat first thing in the morning?

A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of a bowl of miso soup, raw egg beaten in a small bowl and poured on top of hot rice, grilled fish, dashimake (Japanese omelette), tofu, soy sauce and toppings... And of course, a nice hot cup of green tea. And to truly enjoy the home swap experience of a proper Japanese breakfast one must have their breakfast in a ryokan which is a tatami-matted room very typical in Japan. These inns, not so common in cities anymore, came about to serve travelers and usually have communal baths and public areas where people can relax and talk with each other.

To enjoy a proper Japanese breakfast why not go for a home swap in Japan and ask your exchange partners to suggest you a ryokan so that you can truly discover what the local people eat. Isnt the whole point of traveling discovering new tastes, new people, new cultures and new lifestyles?