India is a country with so much diversity that it is very hard for our mind to assimilate so much variety, so many people, so much culture, so many traditions and rituals. We cant even imagine what it is like until we really go there and experience the diversity! And because it is such a big nation the variety of foods is incredible! In India the days start very early and people are up and about at 6 am already! And how can a day begin without a nice cooked complete breakfast along with a cup of tea! It cant!

In India, breakfast (lunch and dinner) is a cooked meal. Typical traditional Indian families will have a cooked meal unlike the West where we dont mind a toast with jam, cereal or cold cuts. Depends on what city you visit, you will enjoy one kind of breakfast dish or another. Down in the South India, you will be able to have a nice Ghee Dosa with tomato or cocunut chutney, Upma, or Idlis. Up in the North you will have chickpeas with chapati, dhal (lentils) with puri (oily round bread).

And what makes everything even more curious about food in India, is that it not only depends on where you are; but who is cooking for you since each region will have their own particular kinds of foods. And remember, if you arent used to having food with spices, even if it may not have any chili, the spice will still tickle your tongue! So come for a home swap and enjoy a nice meal of Indian food during Nashta (breakfast) time, oh and remember to wash your hands before you eat- you will most probably be eating your breakfast with your hands!