This week we are going to Germany to explore what the locals have for frühstück (breakfast). In the selection of items to choose from we will always find sausages and the famous crusty breads called brötchen. Germany has over 200 varieties of breads of different flavors because each bread has different seeds added to it. Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway seeds sprinkled on top making each type of bread unique. German breakfasts are a fusion of their own cold cuts and cheeses along the ingredients you are most likely to find in continental breakfasts, such as jams, boiled eggs, cereal and fruit. Sausages are an item that cannot be missed in the meal of a German. Curiously enough, it is said that an average German consumes 33 kgs of sausage a year! There are over 1,5000 different kinds of sausages in which shows just how embedded sausages are in the German culture. Not only that, several people also have smoked salmon and muesli for breakfast (also two common ingredients in the german menu). And funnily enough, some Germans have two breakfasts, the second one being at 10:30! In your next home swap in Germany, experience the most important meal of the day, the frühstück, like a local German.