Traveling via home exchange around Europe is an extremely cultural experience. Each country shares so much history in common with the other but what enrichens the whole experience even more are differences and food being one of them.  Sweden although they have breads and cereals for breakfast, which may be considered common, there is nothing common in anything when you analyze it all! And what we might consder a regular open sandwich with toppings, the Swedish people, when they wake up in the morning call these open sandwiches, smörgås.  Smörgås are white bread or rye breads, buttered and topped with cheese, cold cuts or hard-boiled eggs.  You can also have your smörgås with messör, which is a sweet cheese spread or even caviar which comes in tubes and is made from cod roe. Apart from the open sandwiches, Swedish also have oats for breakfast with sour milk or a bowl of cereal with oats.  They curiously also have their toasts with orange marmalade and a slice of cheese, a slightly weird combination but equally worthy of a vitamin-full breakfast. Milk plays a huge role in the diet of the Swedes who are amongst the most avid milk drinkers in the world. So in your next home swap trip to Sweden enjoy a smörgå along with a nice cup of milk; you will relish your breakfast like a true Swede.