Every week we travel to a new country and discover what they eat for breakfast. Breakfasts are one meal of the day that with globalization are starting to disappear as continental breakfasts are taking over traditional breakfasts. So what are the local foods that the Portuguese eat for breakfast? 

Portugal is known for their coffees and cakes! The coffee in Portugal is famous because of its trade with Brazil, thats why the coffee has such a refined taste. There are so many kinds of coffee one can choose from: Bica is a strong espresso, Bica Cheia is a lighter espresso, Meia de Leite is a milkier coffee and a Cafe Pingado is an espresso with very little milk. With a huge variety of coffees one can understand that coffee play an important role not only for breakfast in Portugal, but in their culture as well.

And to accompany a nice cup of coffee, one must try out the traditional Portuguese cakes. The tradition of baking cakes goes back to the time when they were made by religious orders and sold to customers as a way of providing funds. Some specialties you can find are the Pasteis de Nata or Pasteis de Belem, Qeijades, Croissants... You will not find many cakes with chocolates but you will definitely find ingredients such as almonds and walnuts, sweets and creams.

A delicious breakfast awaits us for our home exchange in Portugal, would you mind to join us for a cup of coffee and some cake?