What do the Danish eat for breakfast? How do they warm themselves up in the cold winter mornings? On a typical Danish breakfast table you are very likely to find crust rolls, rye bread accompanied with cheeses, cold meats, honey, jam and thin plates of chocolate. What one cannot miss out while visiting Denmark is the typical smørrebrød which are the famous open-faced sandwiches. 

Smørrebrød is a piece of buttered rye bread, dark brown in color, that can be topped with several ingredients such as as cold cuts, meat, and cheese. What makes this item more exclusive is the creativity that several danish use while creating these sandwiches making them not only delicious for our tongues but as well as for our eyes.

And for those who have a sweet tooth, you must savor the Danish pastry wienerbrød also known as Viennese bread which can be found in every bakery! Start planning your home swap in Denmark and eat and live like a Danish!