Only when one travels or experiences a home swap does one notice the similarities and differences between cultures and people. Everyone wakes up and has their breakfast, but...there are so many different ways to have your breakfast, so many different foods to eat your breakfast. And China is one particular place. Or are we the curious ones for the Chinese? It all depends from which side you see the house: from the back or the front, but ultimately, the house is the same. So what do they have for breakfast in China? Dim-sums, steamed stuffed buns, tea, noodles...! 

Breakfast in Chinese is "yam cha". The Yam Cha in China varies from region to region. In some regions they have spicy noodles for breakfast, or enjoy over a hundred different varieties of dim sum, in some areas they have lots of wheat while in others they serve more sweet dishes such as the water chestnut cake. But imagine how fun it would be to wake up in the morning and have a plate of dim sum or noodles! Wanna try it? Then go ahead for your house exchange in China! It would break our scheme a little and for us it would be having lunch or dinner for breakfast, but why not?