Autumn has finally reached and it is the perfect time of the year to go mushroom hunting. Several hundreds of people take advantage of these days to visit the mountain side and explore the natural vegetation. During this time of the year, mushroom pop their heads out from the ground making it a wonderful excuse for people to spend some time in nature. And what better way to mushroom hunt than to take a weekend off and home exchange in the countryside! 

Although mushroom hunting may be a fun activity, it is also a slightly dangerous one. We must be sure to pick the right mushrooms since some of them are poisonous and can even be fatal to our health. The beauty about going into nature is bumping into people and families with children running around. It is a different feeling because people are genuinely happy, always smiling and greeting each other. There are baskets and baskets filled with mushrooms and children get excited when they spot an area ready to be plucked.

There are many geographical areas one can house swap and hunt for mushrooms especially in Europe. From Spain to Sweden to Russia to USA... Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine being surrounded by greenish, brownish vegetation, breathing in the fresh air of unpolluted oxygen and strolling around the forest in search of mushrooms with your family? Seems like youre in a movie right? With home exchange any travel dream is possible, all you have to do is join Knok and start living your dream.