Holi is one of Indias most emblematic and flamboyant festivals where regardless your age, sex, status, and caste... youre bound to get color on you! Celebrated in a big scale in the north of India, Holi is celebrated to welcome the spring and celebrate that winter is over. Thousands of people throw powdered color on each other and dance to the tune of the music.

India, in spite of being the largest democracy in the world, people arent treated equally. Due to caste and gender, differences are marked and equality is not achieved. But during Holi, it doesnt matter. That is why perhaps it is celebrated so devotedly. Social norms dont matter, social status disappears, its just the desire and passion to have fun! The story behind Holi goes that Lord Krishna complained to his mother and asked her, why was he so dark in color and Radha (his love), so fair? Krishnas mother told him to throw some colorful powder on Radha and the difference in the color between each other would disappear.

After all the color and everyone has relaxed a little, a bonfire is lit to commemorate how Prahlad was saved from the Demoness Holika. The bonfire is a moment to reflect upon what we would like to drop and leave behind so that we can evolve and bloom like the flowers in spring.

If you really want to experience local via a home exchange in India, Holi is one festival you just cannot miss. It is authentic and real and colorful and awakening and beautiful, adjectives that truly define India. Happy Holi!