Looking for a non-traditional yet classic way to spend the holidays? Why not plan that long-awaited bucket list of an adventure known as Route 66! We previously told you a bit of the story behind the most famous route in the United States. In this post we offer a look at the major cities along the way and offer you an alternative and free way to stay in each! 

Route 66 City #1 - Los Angeles, California. 

Land of the Hollywood Stars, celebrity homes, and some of the best shopping in the world, L.A. is one of the best places in the world to start any adventure!  By home swapping to this money-talking town, you reward yourself with the extra cash you would've blown on a hotel stay to spend on those new strappy sandles worthy of the red carpet!

Route 66 City #2 - Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Flagstaff is considered one of the best places to live in the West. This city is surrounded by national forests and sits at the foot of Arizona's highest mountain, 12,634-foot Humphrey's Peak, which provides a wonderful backdrop to any holiday. Try a home swap to Arizona and give yourself a free stay and chance to do some hiking!

Route 66 City #3 - Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

A hub for Native American culture, this city has a great deal to offer for those who love art and natural beauty. In the wintertime, the famous Pueblo Feast Days and Dances provide a unique way to spend the holiday season. A home exchange to New Mexico will give you the opportunity to see more and really immerse yourself in the spirit of this sacred-feeling destination.

Route 66 City #4 - Amarillo, Texas. 

Amarillo is just a stone's thrown away from Palo Duro Canyon, a breathtaking place to watch the sunset with loved ones during this holiday season. Palo Duro is 120 miles long, up to 20 miles wide, and up to 820 feet deep, making it the United States second largest canyon! Check out your home exchange options in Texas, stay awhile, slow down, and take it all in.

Route 66 City #5 - Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

In the heart of Oklahoma, Tulsa is perfect for a quick getaway with something to please everyone, including a very unusual "haunted" spot where you can hear an eerie echo when you stand in a certain spot on the old bridge by the depot downtown. It's sure to make the hairs on your neck stand up! If you want to find out the real reasons behind the "ghosts", your best bet is to stay a few nights and get to know the locals. Oklahoma inhabitants are known for their hospitality (and gossip)!

Route 66 City #6 - St. Louis, Missouri

The main attraction of St. Louis is the Gateway Arch, an iconic monument which symbolizes the westward expansion of the United States. Helicopter rides, ferry boat tours, or biking trips are just some of the way people enjoy this historical place. Find a home exchange in Missouri to discover the St. Louis charm.

Route 66 City #7 - Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States and a major bucket list city for lovers of architecture and jazz. It is often referred to as the "windy city" from the gusts that blow in off the Great Lake Michigan. To get the scoop on local stuff, the city's blog is a good read. To live like a local, try a home exchange during the holiday season.