Home exchange is one of the most fascinating ways of travelling around the world. It is enrichening, comfortable and so practical, that who wouldnt love to enjoy all the commodities of living a home while they travel? There are several advantages to exchanging homes and one of them is definitely the economical one, since you actually only pay for an annual subscription equivalent to only one night in a hotel. Just imagine the benefits! The only thing is, like everything in life, a little effort is required. 

To enjoy a wonderful home exchange experience, one cant simply expect things to fall into place without putting in any effort. If only things in life were that easy! To find the best home exchange, one needs to send out messages, as many as possible to all those homes you are interested in travelling to. In a home swap community there are many members, each with their own schedules, travel wishes, and needs. We cant expect to send a message to someone and expect them to say yes to us. They might not be interested in what we have to offer. That is why, by sending out more messages, your chances of finding a home swap immediately increment.

So, how many messages should you exactly send? Knok suggests you send as many messages as possible. The more you send, the more options you have to choose from! So dont just limit yourself to sending only 1, 2 or 3... send 10, 20, 30! With a little dedication and time, your swap will take shape and lead you to a wonderful and unique travel experience!

Start searching your homes and start conversing, you can certainly find much more in a conversation than just a swap; who knows your exchange proposal can just be the beginning of a new friendship!