One of the most exciting things about visiting a city with a home exchange is that you can do whatever you used to do in your own home, but in a new city and home. One of the activities that most home exchangers enjoy doing is cooking local foods and local meals! With a kitchen and all the amenities at your reach and with supermarkets down the street full of local ingredients, who wouldnt want to learn more about their new citys cuisine! Imagine a home exchange in the parasidical islands of the Greeks? Imagine cooking a typical meal gazing out at the Mediterranean? Your home exchange holidays just cant get any better!

The Greeks use a lot of spices and Mediterranean ingredients in their diet. Some of their staple ingredients are olive oil, oregano, spinach, tomatoes, cheese nuts and honey. It definitely is interesting to learn how to cook the dishes but also to pronounce them!

What must you eat in Greece:

1. Once can definitely not miss out on the famously renowned creamy and soft textured Greek yogurt. Instead of using sugar to sweeten their yogurt, the yogurt is sweetened with natural honey giving the yogurt a unique flavor.

2. Moussaka are the typical cheese, spinach or meat pies. Youll normally find fresh slices of moussaka in the local bakeries.

3. In Greece you will notice that they like to have foods with a filling. Gemista are baked tomatoes and peppers that are stuffed with rices, onion and meat. Dolmades are meat, rice and mint wrapped with grape leaves. Papoustakia (which literally means little shoes) are eggplants stuffed with onion and vegetables.

4. And for those with a sweet tooth the baklava is a traditional dessert which is a honey and nut pastry wrapped with a thin layer of phyllo. The amygdalopita is an almond cake that is served with a sweet brandy-lemon syrup on top.

5. To quench your thrist you can either choose to have one of the strong Greek coffees, or the local wine called Retsina and if youre looking for a much more unique taste, take a sip of Greeces famous ouza which is an anis flavored alcoholic drink.

The foods in Greece are definitely an interesting option to explore. It is a fusion of the Mediterranean food with a slight touch of spice that comes from the oriental region of Greece. Thats what makes this cuisine so much more delicious and interesting to explore.

So when in Greece, cook locally, eat locally, live locally and enjoy locally. Dont hesitate another second and travel to Greece with a home exchange and soak in as much as you can from these Mediterranean islands.