March 17th is a day of big celebrations everywhere.  St. Patrick's Day, one of the greatest Irish traditions has taken over the whole world-- and yes it is more than drinking green beer (but it is a lot of that too!). Check out  7 ways to celebrate the St. Patricks day this 17th of March:

1. Go green: to celebrate the date that became the symbol of Ireland, it doesn't really matter how and where you're doing it, the only rule is to wear green! Shirts, pants, hats? Go leprechaun style.

2. Irish parades: St. Patrick's day is a really big deal in Ireland and the day is filled with parades everywhere. Therefore, the biggest, oldest and most popular St. Patrick's parade is in New York. On March 17th 1762, Irish soldiers from Britain's army marched on the streets of NYC and managed to transform the city to their dear, missed and green Ireland. Nowadays, the parade is a great party with 150,000 people participating on the march with over 2 million followers watching the show. 

3. Iconic buildings painted green:  Touristic points are dyed green all over the world. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa (in Italy) to the Redeem Christ (in Rio de Janeiro), they all change colors to homage St. Patrick's day.

4. Saint Patrick's Cathedral (Dublin): It's a religious party, after all. And the cathedral, built in the 13th century, it depicts Saint Patrick's story in colorful glass windows.

5. Saint Patrick's Festival (Dublin): Irish can party and, of course, in Saint Patrick's things wouldn't be different. There's a big agenda for St. Patrick's Festival, including a 2.5 km parade in Dublin that marches through historic landmarks such as Trinity College, Dublin Castle and the City Hall.

6. Celtic songs:  the harp, the harmonica, the banjo. All that summed up is the basis of the Celtic music. Enjoy the traditional music at TradFest Kilkenny and find out the charms of the Irish music and dance away!

7. Don't forget the beer: nothing fits better with a St. Patrick's Day celebration than beer. And an Irish pub is the best place to enjoy it! The essence of Ireland is definitely found inside a pub. And of course dont forget to enjoy some  green beer, it's all over the place!