"The 66, the long asphalt path that crosses the country, laying gently upon the map, from Mississippi to Bakersfield, past red earth and gray earth, winding uphill across the mountains, then along the bright and terrible wilderness, reaching the ridges that end in the rich valleys of California..."

That's how John Steinbeck described Route 66 in his book The Grapes of Wrath. In Steinbecks book Route 66 was the path to the promised land: California.  The road as it was originally laid in 1926, no longer exists. It stopped being considered useful in 1985, thus leaving the stories of its voyagers buried deep beneath the asphalt of the interstate.

Yet the myths and its fame live on. Through song and the Historic Route 66 that both Americans and tourists dream of conquering once in their lives. The original route, which is still marked on the roadmaps is over 5,000 kilometers of road that takes you to the heart of the United States, passing through 8 states from Chicago to Los Angeles, and cutting through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Some would say that Route 66 is one of the greatest icons of American culture from the 20th century. Encompassing miles of history that has served as the inspiration for novels, films, and songs. If one day you also find yourself inspired to cross it's terrain, be prepared to see stuff you've only ever seen in the movies: dusty motels, ghost towns, cowboy rodeos and gas stations trapped in time...there's also tons of great attractions along the way!  You can catch an unbelievable sunset in the Grand Canyon or enjoy a wine-tasting at California's best, or simply relish in the joy of roaring down the asphalt at 100 miles per hour while belting out your favorite all-American song!

This famous route is one that makes the bucket-list of curious travelers worldwide. Don't waste anymore time daydreaming...fill up that tank and start driving! And don't forget to drop us a line and a pic, the trip-envy will only inspire us to do our route sooner than later!