If there's one country thats gained fame in recent years its Croatia! This country, which has previously gone unnoticed by tourists, is now receiving rave reviews from wander-lusters worldwide. The country is divided into 10 regions, which we will get to know a little better in this post.

In Central Croatia, far from the tourist routes, we find the capital of Zagreb and the most rewarding of natural and historical treasures. This region is full of charming cities, fresh-aired forests, peaceful hillsides, medieval neighborhoods and plenty of rural palaces. The Castle of Veliki Tabor and the picturesque city of Varazdin areboth must-sees!

Lika-Karlovac extends from the coast to the interior and offers endless possibilities for any traveler. Here, we must mention the famous National Park of the Plitvice lakes--A natural area protected by UNESCO and considered to be this countys pride and joy. Theres also Eslavonia, with its abundant fields of golden grains, giving it the nickname of "the breadbasket of Croatia." Osijek, also found here, is an ancient city, located amidst the forests full of century old oak trees, folklore, and great gastronomic pleasures.

And of course we must pay homage to the great Croatian coast! In Istra we have agreeable temperatures and countless hours of sun all year long! In fact, its known as one of the sunniest sites of Europe. In Kvarner, Dalmacia-Zadar, Dalmacia-Sibenik and Dalmacia-Split we can find countless hours of serenity, cities with great history, crystal-clear shores, infinite islands and an impressive menu of Mediterranean fare.

Last but not least, we arrive at Dalmacia-Drubovnik, a zone which was nearly taken over by tourists. The city of Drubovnik, known as the perl of the Adriatic Sea, is the heart of this region. There are some truly impressive sites in the city, such as the still-intact ancient murals, the colorful main street of Stradum, and the Fort of Lovrijencac, among many others. There are also many excursions in the area to try, like sailing to the Islands of Mijlet or Elafiti, or exploring the cities of Korcula and Cavtat.

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