Nature is magnificent. There is not a day that we discover something amazing about nature and how in tune and in harmony it works. We just have to stop and feel nature to realize it. Every single act has an explanation, every animal kingdom whether big or small has rules. Everything simply works (without the influence of human beings). Today I discovered a river that many of us are unaware of. Did you know that there exists a Rainbow River? A river that during a short period of time changes color and becomes a piece of artwork to admire? Caño Cristales is a river in Colombia that due to a specific kind of algae changes color!

The river is 100 km long and 20 meters wide located inside the National Park of La Macarena. The access to the river is a little difficult as it is isolated, but travelers can opt for flying to a desginated are and then make their way to the river via walk, horseback rideor a donkey ride. During most part of the year, the river is an ordinary river with algae and musk, nothing too special. But when the season changes and the transition between wet season and dry season hits a balance, the river blooms and colors up. The algae known as Macarenia turns bright red and colors such as yellow, green, blue and all the shades in between invade the river making it look like a photoshopped image. Some things can only be seen when you go visit them in person on a house exchange, no picture nor video can actually give us the feeling of admiration and devotion towards Mother Nature as marvelling at something one thought was impossible... Or never thought could exist in "real" life!