It is still hard to believe how certain natural phenomenonhave not been resolved or discovered. Yet thats the beauty of life, in spite of having advanced so much there are still new things to discover and explore! One such phenomenon is the one of the moving stones. Located in the Death Valley National Park in California, there is a dried up lake called the Racetrack Playa. This dry piece of land is surrounded by mountains that occasionally have rocks and boulders that break lose and fall into the Racetrack Playa. One would believe that once these stones arrive on the surface they just remain exactly where they land. But thats where the surprise factor comes in, they dont just stay there; they move! 

The stones, whether they way 36kg, 100 kg, or even 360kg move to form a trail which enables us to see the path that they have travelled. The direction that the stones choose to move has not been defined at appear to move randomly. In several experiments and researches taken place, two stones that began in the same place, ended up moving to different places. Some stones, after moving ahead, end up following the trail back to their origin! No eyewitness has every seen the phenomenon of the sailing stones move across the trail. And although an in depth research is still required to solve this mystery, it is indeed fascinating that there is still a pattern to discover and little bit more of nature to understand!

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