Many people believe that if they have a small house no one would like to exchange homes with them and neither would they get any chance of swapping with bigger homes. But this myth is built on nothing but pure assumptions created by our minds. The options of finding a home exchange with different members is infinite, all we have to do is have an open mind and a positive spirit; with this attitude, you will definitely find the swap!

We must all immediately erase the thought that a person with a big house would not want to swap homes with a person with a smaller house. These are limits we put on ourselves all by ourselves and once we drop this thought we will realize that everyones needs and interests are so different that there has to be a perfect match for our home. There just has to. Why would someone with a home in New York want to come all the way to France and swap in a small town? Or why would someone from Italy want to swap with someone in Russia? In spite of the contrasts and the disparities, people have their own likings and needs! So dont limit yourself to what you think may really work, reach out to anyone and everyone, this way you are sure to find a swap. The size of your home doesnt matter, the look doesnt matter, and neither does the location matter. What matters is finding the right person to swap with. So dont limit your search to only destinations, search for common interests and hobbies between exchangers as well!

Knock on as many doors as possible with a proposal message and drop the myth and your assumptions. Your home exchange is just a few clicks away!