Recently featured in Barcinnos Innovation Spotlight, Knok for Start-ups is a simple concept with far-reaching power for the international entrepreneurial community. By offering Start-up teams worldwide a chance to travel on the über cheap, we hope to encourage them to do just that! Travel more, learn, and grow! Team retreats to Silicon Valley will finally be in the companys budget because crazy high accommodation costs will no longer exist!

If you're part of a start-up then this initiative was created with you in mind. Click here to get started with free memberships for your entire team! We believe in the power of travel to inspire and make connections: swap your home as you code, design, pitch, or meet with partners in a new city.

"This opportunity has been a great source for new ideas, future product features, and it has opened the door to new projects" says Juanjo Rodríguez, co-founder of after his recent return from a working holiday swap in San Francisco.

"Inspiration, discovering other start-up communities, and making new connections are great tools for startups to get ahead of their competitors; that?s why we launched this project to help other startups travel cheaper and stay longer" says Sheera, another Knok team member.

We hope that sharing the start-up love will inspire you and your team to explore the world by giving home swapping (or office swapping) a try! Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming days! Or ask some of the start-ups who have already signed up, such as Trustribe, Smartkidds, or Bistip, what they think.

As always, questions are welcome at