In honor of our American Knoksters celebrating the Fourth of July, this post is dedicated to celebrations worldwide where friends, family, and travelers gather together to bear witness to the beauty of fire in a midnight sky. So let's blast some Katy Perry and take a look at some of the best firework displays in the world!

1 - New York City - Independence Day (July 4th)

As tradition goes, no Independence Day celebration in New York City is complete without watching the Annual Macy's FireworksThis highly anticipated display of explosives takes place over the Hudson River and has been awing crowds for 37 years! Did we mention this year's show was curated by Usher? Looks like Katy was onto something...

2 - Barcelona Spain - Saint Joan Fire Festival

At the end of June each year, Catalans pay hommage to the Summer Solstice with a night of beach bonfires and firework displays igniting high above the Mediterranean Sea! If you swap to Barcelona at this time of year, you can expect to see both locals and tourists crowd the beaches of Barceloneta to dance the night away under the artificial booms. And for all of our Spanish speaking Knoksters, here's a great piece about one of our favorite Barcelona traditions! 

3 - Carcasonne - Bastille Day (July 14th) 

Bastille Day is the French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 and the medieval City of Carcasonne is the world-famous spot to catch the most spectacular fireworks display! The show takes place on the banks of the Aude River, attracting more than 400,000 people who come to enjoy the lights as they shoot out of the castle ramparts and illuminate the sky.  

4 - Wellington - Guy Fawkes (November 5th)  

The story behind the annual Guy Fawkes celebrations in New Zealand is almost as shocking as the thunderous booms of Wellingtons world-class fireworks show itself! The harbour of Wellington is the perfect stage for the massive crowds of spectators to gather and watch jaw-dropping pyrotechnic wonders do their magic!

5 - Nagaoka - Fireworks Festival (1st - 3rd Aug)  

A short trip from Tokoyo, the city of Nagaoka proudly hosts the most impressive fireworks festival in Japan. During the summer months, fireworks (Hanabi) are considered an integral part of the cultures tradition of warding off evil spirits. Both nights of the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival feature two straight hours of mind-blowing shells with the widest span of fireworks (nearly 2km) in the world!  Haven't seen enough? Check out this photo album of Fireworks Around The World! Have a favorite fireworks show to share? Or maybe youre planning to attend one of these? Wed love to see it! Follow us on Instagram @knokstory and tag #fireworks #knok to share the fireworks you love!